From Concept to Product.


Peter Harrison

National Diploma Industrial Design - Technikon Witwatersrand 1989 Bachelor of Technology Industrial Design - University of Johannesburg 2006 Masters of Technology Industrial Design (Cum Laude) - University of Johannesburg 2017

Experienced product designer, passionate about taking innovative ideas from concept to market. In-depth technical knowledge of plastic component design for tooling, processing and production. Lecturing business and ideation design part-time at Inscape Education Group.

Design Awards

SABS Design Institute Award 1996 - Pintech LT80M
Banking Information Vending Terminal.

SABS Design Institute Award 1999 - Pescador
Fishermans striking device.

SABS Design Institute Award 2003 - Baracuda Mars
Automatic Pool Cleaner.

IDEA Silver Award 2004 (Industrial Design Excellence Awards, USA) - Zodiac G4 cleaner

DISA Award 2005 - Zodiac G4 - Automatic Pool Cleaner (APC)

UJ Alumni Exhibition 2013 'Thinking Design' - Harrison Designs (see link below)

Campbell and Harrison attached here

Harrison 2017 attached here


Collaborator in SABS Design Institute 43 Challenge - 2014
Member of Design Society Development 2014 - 2017
Affiliated with the DESIS Network at the University of Johannesburg
Co-authored (link* Campbell and Harrison attached here) with Angus Donald Campbell, at University of Johannesburg 2015
Presented at the Virtuous Circle Cumulus Conference in Milan 2015
Entered City Innovation Fund (CoJ) challenge 2015
Postgraduate studies (link** Harrison 2017 attached here) at University of Johannesburg 2014 - 2016
Subject manager for 3D Design at The Open Window Institute 2011 - 2016
Lecturing Ideation Design at Inscape Education Group - Pretoria Campus 2017
Lecturing Industrial Design at Tshwane University of Technology 2017
Golden Key membership - University of Johannesburg chapter 2017

Affiliation with DSD, DESIS Network, Cumulus 2015.